TLS CLIP+WEDGE SET STANDARD 1.5mmm 7-15mm 300+100pcs


New product

Tile levelling system reduces time and increases efficiency when tiling.
Helps to adjust the height of the tiles and evenly holds their edges throughout the curing process of the setting material.
Ensures flatness between tiles, avoiding unevenness.
The wedge has a groove which, when inserted into the clip, stabilizes and guarantees a firm grip of the tile.
The profiled clip leg that is inserted under the tile compensates the tension when inserting the wedge.
Made of flexible plastic.
Perfect for installing all types of tiles including marble, stone, granite and porcelain.
Can be used on walls and floor tiles.
Clips are for single use only, while wedges are reusable.
Suitable for both DIY and professional tile layers.
Made in Poland.

Technical data:
Quantity: 300+100 pcs
Colour: grey/ red
Joint width min.: 1.5 mm
Tile thickness: 7-15 mm
Packaging: plastic bucket
Weight: 1.450 kg



catalog index AW30365
trade index AW30365