CHAINSAW CHAIN FOR NAC 45cm/72/.325"/1.5mm


New product

Made of high-quality hardened steel, black oxide finish.
Equipped with semi-chisel cutters.
Chrome-plated top plate to increase cutting speed while providing wear resistance.
Riveted tie straps prevent the chain from breaking and stretching up during operation.
More efficient lubrication thanks to rivet holes that reduce friction.
Can be re-sharpened.
Great option for professional or DIY users.
Compatible with NAC YD45, SPS01-45, SPS02-45 & TT-CS5200 chainsaw.

Technical data:
Length: 82"/ 45 cm
Pitch: 0.325''
Drive links: 72
Gauge: 1.5mm
Weight: 300 g


catalog index AW80110
trade index AW80110